HYDROSOL : An agronomic innovation for sustainable agriculture of the 21th century 
The POLYAGRI Company designed and developed HYDROSOL: a polymeric substrate, which is hydro-retentive, fertilizer, curative andor corrective of salinity. The full-scale experiments demonstrated both the effectiveness and efficiency of the HYDROSOL products range on any type of crops, soils and climates. 

Substrate agricultural crop of new generation, combining the functions of hydro-retentive and nutrient reserves: the process is based on a unique method by encapsulating fertilizers, plant health treatment or correction in polymerics crystals.

HYDROSOL is a complete hydro-retentive substrate containing all the elements and substances essential for plant growth. HYDROSOL is able to absorb and to retain more than 300 to 600 times its volume in water.

Plant roots penetrate the granules to reach semi-permeable polymeric pockets which contain the captured and absorbed water, all the minerals and all the active substances necessary for plant germination and growth (crop inputs).

These reserves of water and essential elements are slowly released by plant root pumping depending on water and nutritive and/or curative needs of plants. The biodegradable and non-toxic polymeric compound is in osmosis with the soil and the environment. 

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2015 : A complaint was filed. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014 

Dear customers and suppliers,  

We found out that unidentified persons (no name, address and Company Register) created a website and have been using without our consent:  

- Our brand HYDROSOL (created in 1998)  
- Our logo HYDROSOL (created by Jean Claude Garrigue)  
- And our marketing supports, slightly modified. 

Email addresses used on this website (qatar, saudi, uae) are similar to ours and should you wish to contact us, might create some confusion.  

We thank you in advance for circulating among your contacts that the product HYDROSOL (growing medium with incorporated fertilizer that retains water) is exclusively marketed through the website:  


  • reduction by more than 50% of irrigation water  
  • reduction by more than 50% of fertilizers and curative substances 
  • direct pumping of fertilizers and curative substances through roots 
  • protection against water stress 
  • prevention from migration of fertilizers and curative substances into the soils and groundwater’s
  • increased profitability: less preparatory work problematic soils  
  • reduction of operating expenses: less irrigation, less maintenance, less disease 
  • improvement of efficiency, strength and quality of crops 
  • augmentation of seeds germination 
  • improvement and restructuring of problematic soils, fixed sandy soils, sloping dunes  
  • protection against harmful effects of salinity 
  • reduction of water stress in case of transplantation and transportation and promotion of the recovery rate 
  •  farming and growth of all types of plants in desert or arid areas and dry and hot climate 

June 2014: Jean Claude Garrigue in Algeria