Expérimentations avec HYDROSOL : Algérie, Qatar, Arabie Saoudite, France, Espagne…  
Hydrosol is particularly suited for growing plants in dry, arid or desert areas. Thanks to their expertise and skills in agronomy and agrology, the inventors of Hydrosol have carried out field experiments in France and in many countries such as Spain, Qatar (test in 2013), Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, etc. 
Years of research to address the challenges farmers face today: climate change, drought, degradation of arable soils, shortage or degradation/destruction of water reserves. 
The real challenge: proposing solutions balancing the need to produce more to feed a growing population with the need to preserve the environment.
Patent N° 9300569 - Approval from French Ministry of Agriculture N° 9310037
Experimentation Ouargla Shara (Algeria)   
The experiment involves growing durum wheat and rye-gras over a surface of 50 ha. The fields are irrigated from a brackish-water drilling, the only water available at that location. 
HYDROSOL is user-friendly for farmers worldwide. Its implementation requires no agricultural high-tech and allows for natural crops (outside greenhouses) in all-season and in hot climates and in arid or desert areas. In some cases, it is even possible to irrigate some plants and trees (rice crops, barley, clover, olive tree, orange tree, jojoba, etc...) with brackish water (seawater, groundwater). 
Indeed, HYDROSOL polymers only capture water H ² O molecules with PH 4 / 9 and can be treated with salinity fixatives. This way, plant roots which penetrate the semi-permeable polymeric pockets are protected from salinity aggressions. 

HYDROSOL allows the fixation of sandy or sloping soils thanks to the root mass development. The root mass resistance and volume are much higher than that of conventional crops cultivated in universal soil. Within 3 years, the large root mass transforms a poor or sandy soil into a rich topsoil by the natural process of biological decomposition. 

Soil condition before work
Installation of irrigation system 
Experimentation in Ouargla (Algérie): a field of wheat after 4 months
Experimentation of plantation with HYDROSOL in Saudi Arabia    
Experimentation of palm plantation with HYDROSOL in Saudi Arabia. The plantation of palm trees in desert areas with HYDROSOL is performed according to a traditional arboriculture method practiced in SA: result 100% of the trees are alive.
Sunflower - Midi de la France
With Hydrosol