POLYAGRI France is a ‘SARL’ (French limited company), which has two activities: the manufacturing and the marketing of Hydrosol and the implementation of its method and techniques (studies, equipment and installation) both in France and abroad.  Jean Claude Garrigue is the co inventeur d'Hydrosol. 

Jean Claude Garrigue and Pascual Luchoro founders of Polyagri company  after years of research and experiments in large scale (Hydrosol French, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Émirats arabes unis, Jordan, Vietnam, etc.), they developed and patented many processes and techniques. 
Innovations developed by POLYAGRI can provide solutions to the problems of water shortage, drought, desertification and degradation of arable land. 
HYDROSOL is a comprehensive product but also a well-considered concept of global agriculture. The agronomical environment expert team will advise and propose an action plan based on the type of intervention, plant or crop and geographical areas.

S.A.R.L. Polyagri France, Company created on January 20, 2006.
151, rue Montmartre -  8, Galerie  Montmartre 75002 Paris
487 893 844 R.C.S Paris

Polyagri France ® 
Jean Claude Garrigue, President of Polyagri France