The introduction of HYDROSOL takes into account many parameters (hydrometry, water pH, type of soil, climate ...). Therefore HYDROSOL components are tailor-made according to the above mentioned parameters and the type of crops or plants. 
HYDROSOL is effective for indoors and outdoors plants, ornamental gardens and vegetable gardens or suspended garden. Besides its ability to maintain hydration and slowly releasing of all nutrients, HYDROSOL improves the germination of your seedlings, the growth of your plants and ensures the recovery of your subculture or your transplants.
Bare root dipping
HYDROSOL can be used for root dipping in order to prevent the desiccation of the roots of seedlings during transplanting or transport over a long distance.
Cost reduction and improvement of vegetal sustainability
With Hydrosol, your ornamental or edible plants as well as your trees and shrubs are preserved from water stress and its nutrients give them more strength to undergo transplant or repotting.
Market gardening

For market gardening, the incorporation of Hydrosol maximizes soils capacity to produce in very short time cycles while preserving the soil.  Hydrosol technology is very advantageous: reduction of need for fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, heavy equipment and manpower. 
Breeding-ground and arboriculture 
Thanks to its high hydro-retentive power, Hydrosol preserves trees and shrubs against weather aleas and water stress. Incorporating our product  in soils gives more robustness to the root mass, facilitates the transport, storage and recovery after transplant. 
For crops in open fields or greenhouses, Hydrosol greatly reduces the use of pesticides or phytosanitary products, improves the quality and beauty of flowers while preserving the soils and groundwater. Hydrosol substrate is particularly suitable for maintaining and building reserves of water, nutritive and curative elements for crops in plant pots or containers. 
Landscape Design and Outdoor Architecture  
Hydrosol is particularly adapted to shape and easily maintain creations, hanging gardens, plants hedges and walls.  
The use of Hydrosol in the achievement and maintenance of green spaces, parks and gardens allows greater creative freedom, denser vegetation and significantly lower maintenance costs and watering. Hydrosol provides access to a greater variety of trees, shrubs and plants resistant to drought stress and a reduction in the cost of maintenance and watering. 
The massive use of fertilizers and pesticides is a major concern for the quality of urban water. The provision or renovation of green spaces with Hydrosol can reduce fertilizer use and enhance plant protection: over 50% savings in fertilizer and inputs.  
Pollution, noise and heat effects of urban cities, are mitigated by the creation of islands of greenery and living walls, green roofs, roof gardens, urban green belts, parks...

Hydrosol is a comprehensive product but also a well-considered concept of agriculture. The agronomical environment expert team will advise and propose an action plan based on the type of intervention, plant or crop and geographical areas. Hydrosol fertilizing and curative substances can be modified according to the plant or crop needs and the soil and water quality.

HYDROSOL substrate is economical for growing large areas, fields, grain crops, pastures ... Using Hydrosol is very easy and within reach of farmers worldwide. Its implementation requires no agricultural high-tech and allows reducing fertilizer and phytosanitary products in all seasons. 

An economical product to grow crops over large arid areas 

HYDROSOL turns a poor soil or sandy soil in a rich and arable soil in 3 years.  Its specificity is to last five times longer than conventional fertilizers annual application. (So, the price per m2 divide by 5 for a Hydrosol annual ratio).

Polyagri’s team carry out and follow with customers, all the steps: the preliminary analysis of the environment, the choice of seeds, equipment to prepare the soil and incorporate polymers, the choice of irrigation system, watering the number, quality and quantity water, hours of watering…
The polymers machines
Polyagri tested and adapted specific machines for the treatment of large grassy areas.